WHAT: Bedales Wines is thrilled to partner with Wines of Alsace for a very special, one-night-only tasting extravaganza on Friday 11 May, 2018. The class will feature a flight of six premium Alsatain wines, paired specifically with six premium international cheeses sourced from Borough Market traders. 


WHY: "The combination of lively acidity, dryness, and unhampered, uninhibited, unleashed fruit and minerality is what defines the great Alsace wines & makes them some of the best all-around marriage partners for food." - Karen MacNeil, The Wine Bible 


WHO: Resident Wine & Cheese specialist Dan Belmont will curate the pairings. Dan hails from New York City where he worked at the famed Murray's Cheese as an affineur, cheesemonger, & educator.

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PART 2: In Pursuit of Balance (Wine Making in South Africa)

It’s been four weeks since I left the winter chill of London and landed back in the fair Cape. The initial excitement of being back in the country was VERY quickly swamped by the reality of the water crisis out here. It was a very sobering moment coming to terms with the household rations (we have to flush the toilets with water we are collecting from our showers) and, as I slowly began networking and meeting up with farmers and winemakers, the effect the drought is having on the vines and this vintage is staggering. The industry has changed drastically in recent years, with many producers, like myself, now buying in fruit as opposed to owning land and farming it themselves. Fruit is in such high demand this year that producers are fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on whatever grapes they can possibly get. It’s like the Hunger Games.

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First hand studies led by Wine & Cheese Specialist Dan Belmont show life expectancy of a bowl of pasta significantly shorter in Rome compared to worldwide averages Not a single bowl survived long enough to be photographed.


Read Dan’s WHERE TO EAT: Rome (The following images may be potentially upsetting to some viewers.)

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BLIND TASTING: with the Oxford University Blind Tasting Society

I love blind tasting – I’m not terribly good at it – but I think as an exercise its incredibly helpful towards the goal of appreciating a wine. Its more about asking the right questions than guessing correctly. I should note, that when blind tasting, you’re not blindfolded – the wines labels are simply hidden, stripping away all preconceived notions of what’s being poured. You must trust your palate.

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Stephanie Flanagan
PART 1: In Pursuit of Balance (Wine Making in South Africa)

In February I will be travelling back, not to California, but to my homeland of South Africa, to begin my own wine making project. Through the trusted investment of a few close, like-minded friends, I am going to be producing a small batch of a red blend, reminiscent of the styles I discovered in Sonoma. Tracking down well farmed grapes from over in London has been a challenge, but through an old network of friends and colleagues, I have managed to nail down some Grenache Noir from Bot River, a fairly undiscovered region, and Syrah from Stellenbosch.

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