ROURKE ALBISTON - HR Manager & Branch Manager

A lady with many hats, and one giant smile!


Team Member Since:

May 2014


Where  is  home  for  you? 

Manchester is in my heart but in my 27 years I've moved ‘home’ 21 times! So ‘home’ tends to be anywhere i stay long enough to hang a photo, right now, thats Camberwell.


What  brought  you  to  London? 

I bagged a job on the coolest food truck in London...that summer the BOB’s Lobster van was on the Southbank & I lost count of how many tourist photos I ruined (improved) with my BOBs Lobster foam claw (BTW: Check out BOB’s Lobster’s new permanent site near London Bridge)


What is it about wine that you love?

Watching someone discover something they love, stay curious.

What is your first memory of Bedales?

Way back before running up and down the spiral staircase in Borough Market became like muscle memory, I remember clambering up there for the first time - holding on for dear life!

What makes BOB’s Lobster unique?

The people. You won’t meet a tighter team, who will go to the ends of the earth to support each other, you can taste it in the lobster rolls and see it in the smile lines in their faces. *drools at the thought of Lobster butter*

Red or White?


What are you drinking when not drinking wine?

Gin! Duh, I’m British.

Seafood or Meat?

Steak with king prawns! - Live your best life!

Where was the last place you ate, that just blew your mind?

Honestly, my mouth is still watering from eating at The Laughing Heart with my main Bedales ladies, Stephanie and Mimi... their Char Sui Pork was a dream.  

What is your go-to grape:

Riesling makes me happy.

When  someone  visits  you  in  London,  where  MUST  you  take  them?

Home, to meet my cats, Babz and Zorro! But Greenwich Market is my favourite place to spend a lazy Sunday, junk shops and walks in the park, perfection. 

Describe your summer:

Chasing the sunshine, learning to wakeboard, crying with laughter, freckles, loving out loud, leaps of faith (zip line related) and solo journeys!  

What is the best cookbook you own?

The Good Life Eatery Cookbook by Shrin Kouros and Yasmine Larizadeh. My Best friend Emily often sends me gifts in the post that get me through life and this has certainly got me through some hard times. Food is love.