Bedales of Borough Branch Manager

Joined Bedales: July 2017

Where do you call home?
That’s a tricky question! My roots are in Burgundy where I grew up. But my heart is definitely in Oregon where I spent beautiful years of my life. Learning English, looking after 3 wonderful children (Call me Mary Poppins!) and having my first experience as a wine ambassador. When you come from France, people tend to presume you know all about wine. So I played the part and studied up! 

What brought you to London?
I moved to London to join the Bedales Team. As a wine student I came to visit Borough Market and met Mario (wine Director) and Jamie (Operations Director). I was charmed by the quirky look of Bedales of Borough and the philosophy behind the wine list and the hospitality. All it took was a resume and a Skype interview for me to move to London. 

What is your “go-to” wine?
Well, I was spoiled by being raised with Pinot Noir from Burgundy. But - at risk of being controversial, my go-to wine is a Pinot Noir from either Ponzi or Sokol Blosser, both from Oregon. I had the chance to visit both estates and I can’t find anything more satisfying that sipping those delicate red berries facing the sunset on the Dundee hills. 

What is your favourite cookbook?
The one my Grandma should write. Seriously - all the BUTTER and all the CRÈME FRAÎCHE. That’s all I need.

When someone visits you in London, where MUST you take them? 
If the weather is kind, I would take everyone to the Hampstead Heath Pergola. The proprerty is picturesque and a wonderful escape from the busyness of the city. Otherwise, the Sky Garden offers one of the nicest view of London, with an inside jungle. I need the trees in my life!

What do you love about wine? 
The concept of Terroir is what I find the most incredible. How the soil, from one block to another - no matter how close their proximity,  can be completely different & influence the taste and the complexity of the grape. Add to that a talented winemaker that respects the land and you get to taste a snapshot of nature, a time and a place. It also creates an illustrious community of drinkers! 

What is your first memory of joining the team at Bedales of Borough?      
It must be our Sundays. A slightly slower day to end the busy weekend with live music in the evening. I love having the time to chat with our guests and geek about wine. And that hasn't changed. I look forward to it every week.

Where was the last place you ate that just blew your mind?   
With food I am so easily pleased, it’s quite complicated to answer. I am always excited to see what is on the Menu at 10 Greek Street. The name of the place, and the address. Smart people!

Dan Belmont