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Wine Cheese Workshop: Neals Yard Dairy Takeover

  • Bedales at Leadenhall 55 Leadenhall Market London, England, EC3V 1LT United Kingdom (map)

Wine & Cheese Workshop: NEAL'S YARD DAIRY TAKEOVER 

Wine & Cheese is at the heart of what Bedales does best. But, why are they such a perfect pair? Join us for a totally tasty journey led by Bedales' wine specialist Dan Belmont who hails from one of New York City's most famed cheese companies. For this special one-night-only edition, we've teamed up with our friends at Neal's Yard Dairy! They'll not only hand-select the evenings cheeses from their world-renowned line-up, but Team Neal's Yard will be co-hosting with Dan! 

Through six delicious pairings we'll explore our palates and discover the pairing principles used to make these combinations sing! The 90-minute class is chock full of practical wine and cheese tips along with wild anecdotes about working in a cheese maturation facility (so many smells). Your next wine and cheese soiree will be the talk of the town! Our style of education is relaxed, conversational (and often hilarious) as we answer the age-old questions: "Can I eat the rind?" and "Why the heck do sommeliers slurp their wine?"



Neal’s Yard Dairy selects, matures and sells farmhouse cheese from the UK and Ireland, working with about 40 cheesemakers. We sell cheese in our three shops in London and to shops and restaurants around the world.

Our primary goal is to provide a link between the cheesemakers who supply us and our customers. We visit our cheesemakers on a regular basis - sometimes weekly, often monthly.  For example, Bronwen, our cheese buyer, and Jason, our sales director, select our Cheddars by visiting the West Country every four weeks and tasting through young cheese to be matured further before sale. Besides allowing us to secure the best cheeses available, these visits also provide an opportunity for us to share information with the cheesemakers about how their cheeses are being received by our customers. Many of the cheeses we buy are matured either on the farm or in our own maturing rooms in Bermondsey, located in brick railway arches under the main line from London Bridge to Dover. A dedicated team takes care of the cheese, turning them and sometimes brushing or washing them until they ripen.

The essence of what we do has changed very little since our founding director Randolph Hodgson began seeking out farmhouse cheesemakers to supply our first shop in the early 1980’s. We believe that the time and energy we invest in understanding cheesemaking, selection and maturation gives us the necessary experience to source much of the best cheese available in the UK and Ireland.