to lead a Wine Tasting for your next event!


We hosted over 500 in-house Wine Tastings in 2017 and this year we’re taking the show on the road and sharing our LOVE of WINE with YOU at your next private event!


A typical event would unfold as follows: 

Sparkling wine & canapés upon arrival. Then settle in for a flight of outstanding wines!  Guided by one of our decorated wine experts, who are exceptionally knowledgeable, and most importantly - great storytellers. We believe that “Wine is EVERYTHING.” -- It’s geography, geology, history, chemistry, biology, meteorology, it’s PEOPLE – we never get bored, so it makes for engaging and diverse discussion. And it tastes so damn good.

We’ll answer all your burning wine questions –

“To decant, or not decant?”
“Why is Champagne so darn expensive?”
“What’s this weird orange wine about?”

Beyond the basics, we’ll experiment with sensory exercises and discover how we process flavour. All the while you’re snacking on our Borough Market Cheese & Charcuterie Boards!

Our tastings are fully customisable! We love to roll up our sleeves and think outside the box!
Some of our favourite themes include:

• Pinot, Pinot, Pinot!  
• Old World v New World
• Vive la France! 
• Wine & Cheese
• Wines with Altitude


Minimum 12 Guests, Enquire for Pricing and Additional Details



**Each event is designed on a bespoke basis and final selections are determined by the final budget. Typical Events run 2-4 Hours. As all venues are unique, any rentals as required (i.e. Glassware, etc.) will be a separate cost - we are happy to work with our preferred vendors and facilitate their delivery and pickup, or you are welcome to work directly with a third party vendor of your choice. Bedales does not take any fee on sourcing these items.