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Silvia Pampaloni – Bedales’ WSET EDUCATOR

Silvia Pampaloni – WSET EDUCATOR

Where is home for you? Florence, Italy

What is it about wine that you love?
Wine for me is not just a beverage, behind a glass there is a lot more to discover. Wine is climate, terroir, hard work and sacrifice. Wine is rusticity, there is something fascinating about it that brings you back to traditions and an idea of true values. Wine is travelling, exploring, learning. It brings people together and helps to create memorable moments and experiences.

What is your first memory of Bedales Wines?
New Slang by The Shins

What is your “go- to” grape?
Nerello Mascalese from Etna region in Sicily

What are you drinking when not drinking wine?

What piece of writing would you recommend to anyone who’s intrigued by wine?
“Adventures on the Wine Route” by Kermit Lynch marked a very significant moment in my wine endeavour. He brings the reader along with him on his travel through the most prestigious vineyards in France. This type of storytelling inspired me to follow my own insatiable curiosity and explore this very vast world of wines.

What brought you to London?
Bedales, really! I was working in a wine bar in Florence and had been toying with the idea of moving to a new city and London featured very high on that list until one evening, by chance, serving a couple from London, they shared with great enthusiasm some not be missed wine bars in the city. Shortly after, I embarked on the suggested wine bar tour and Bedales was my first stop. It just so happened that I met Rob (owner & MD) on that same day. Who knew that the coffee I shared with him on table 4 was just the beginning of a lasting relationship with Bedales!

What always ends up coming with you in your suitcase?
My swimming goggles

When someone visits you in London, where MUST you take them?
I enjoy taking people around my neighbourhood visiting local artisanal shops, as well as places that reflect my personality. Clissold Park in Stoke Newington is a favourite landmark of mine.

Where was the last place you ate, that just blew your mind?
Brawn on Columbia Road! Amazing food, friendly service and atmosphere, and I’m still dreaming of that WINE LIST!!!

Red or White?


A note from Silvia: Growing up in Florence, it was inevitable for me to be surrounded by wine culture where I immersed myself in the world of local wine bars and associated events. In search for a change of air, I moved in 2013 and began a career in the wine industry. After spending three years at Bedales of Borough as a wine specialist, I decided to reconnect with the process of winemaking by travelling to South Africa. Since then I was inspired to start my own wine tastings and events business – Divino in Vino – where I share my passion for wine with others.


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