To celebrate the opening of street food truck, BOB's Lobster,  first permanent site BOB's Lobster Wine Bar & Kitchen, we've asked Head Chef Ana to share with us a colourful recipe of what to expect from their new London Bridge site.

Ota Ika or Poisson Cru (Polynesian Raw Fish Salad)


Time:      30minutes           
Makes:   450g      
Serves:   6 (75g per person)             

250g       Fresh Salmon, Tuna or Seabass
25g          Ginger  
15g          Fresh Red & Green Chilies              
15g          Red Onions          
5g             Samphire              
120g       Coconut Cream
10g          Lemon Grass       
10g          Fresh Coriander
1               Lime Juice & Zest               
10g          Sea Salt
5g             Olive Oil                
5g             Cracked Black Pepper   


1. Set out a couple of mixing bowls.          

2. Finely dice your Red Onions and Chilies and place in one of the mixing bowls.                    

3. Using a stick blender, blend your Lemon Grass, Coconut, Ginger & Coriander together and add Salt to taste.       

4. Using a fine sieve or chinoux pass your Coconut Cream mix and remove solids. Set your Coconut Cream in fridge.

5. Dice your skinless and boneless fillets of fish into 1cm x 1cm sized cubes then place it in a separate mixing bowl.

6. Add 5g of Sea Salt and Olive Oil then mix well and set in the fridge to allow the fish to absorb the Olive Oil and Salt for 10 minutes.

7. Whilst your waiting wash and trim your Samphire and remove any stringy bits.                                  

8. Take your fish out, add your Lime and mix well.                                 

9. Add your Coconut Milk, Samphire, Red Onions and Chilies, adjust seasoning if needed.                  

10. Garnish with Coriander Leaves or Edible Flowers                           

11. Serve chilled with crisps or on its own!                              


**PRO TIP - If not eaten after 2 days you can bake in the oven with a potato topping, Or add curry paste & stew -serve with rice!**